Anna E. Hartman



Research School of Management

Phone number
02 6125 6223
Room 2.18, CBE Bld (26C)
Research areas
  • Social Evaluations
  • Markets, Market Shaping, Market Systems
  • Organisational and Marketing communications
  • Consumer Culture
  • Microfoundations of Institutions, Institutional Theory, Social-symbolic work
  • Sectors of cultural consumption: art, music, specialty food & hospitality



Anna Hartman is a Lecturer in Marketing at the ANU Research School of Management holding graduate degrees in both commerce and integrated marketing communications.

Prior to academia, she worked as a marketing communications practitioner with specialty food and beverage brands in the United States and Australia. This included managing public relations, sponsorships, special events and digital marketing across trade and consumer audiences.

Her research interests are in how social evaluations (e.g., legitimacy, trust, stigma & authenticity) interact and shape markets and market categories specific to areas of cultural consumption. This interdisciplinary area draws from the sociology of markets and consumption, institutional theory and consumer culture—linking to studies in consumer research, services and strategic communications. Her studies have appeared in Journal of Business Research; Marketing Intelligence and Planning; Australasian Marketing Journal and the Journal of Service Research.

Her dissertation (University of Melbourne) used ethnographic and discursive analysis research methods to investigate how consumers and marketers navigate markets where one or more dimensions of legitimacy are persistently contested. The micro-practices of marketers were identified in how they attempt to reshape legitimacy perceptions and facilitate transactions. Further insights examined the emotional challenges faced by consumers in such markets, as well as their coping strategies in market participation.

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Research publications

Vlahos, A., Hartman, A. E., & Ozanne, J. L. (2022). Aesthetic Work as Cultural Competence: Chasing Beauty in the Coproduction of Aesthetic Services. Journal of Service Research, 25(1), 126–142. 

Dobele, A. R., Ferguson, S., Hartman, A. E., & Schuster, L. (2021). Gender Equity in the Marketing Academy: From Performative to Institutional Allyship. Australasian Marketing Journal.

Hartman, A. E., & Coslor, E. (2019). Earning while giving: Rhetorical strategies for navigating multiple institutional logics in reproductive commodification. Journal of Business Research105, 405-419.

Hartman, A.E. (2016), "Transparency of hope: Ethical issues in marketing cross border reproductive care: a multi-region content analysis of clinic websites", Marketing Intelligence & Planning, Vol. 34 No. 7, pp. 943-963.