Dr Babita Bhatt

Babita Bhatt


Research School of Management

Phone number
+61 2 612 57278
Room 1056, PAP Moran Bld (26B)
Research areas

Management; Sharing economy; Social enterprises; Social cohesion; Social capital.


Babita Bhatt is a Lecturer of Management. Her research focuses on the role played by innovative business models in addressing societal challenges. In particular, Babita explores the interaction between organisational hybridity, resource constraints, and social complexity and their effects on social outcomes using social capital and capability approaches. Babita’s fieldwork research in both China and India has been published in top-ranked journals including Organizational Studies and Journal of Business Ethics. Babita also wrote various policy-relevant reports on social impact assessment, social finance, and social inclusiveness during her affiliation with the Carleton Center for Community Innovation and the United Nation Research Institute for Social Development.

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Research publications

Parthiban, R., Qureshi, I., Bandyopadhyay, S., Bhatt, B., & Jaikumar, S. (2020). Leveraging ICT to overcome complementary institutional voids: insights from institutional work by a social enterprise to help marginalized. Information Systems Frontiers, 1-21.

Bhatt, B, Qureshi, I, Riaz, S. (2019) Social entrepreneurship in non-munificent institutional environments and implications for institutional work: Insights from China, Journal of Business Ethics

Qureshi, I., Sutter, C., & Bhatt, B. (2018). The Transformative Power of Knowledge Sharing in Settings of Poverty and Social Inequality. Organization Studies, 0170840617727777. Organization Studies

Qureshi, I., Kistruck, G., & Bhatt, B (2016) The Enabling and Constraining Effects of Social Ties in the Process of Institutional Entrepreneurship, Organization Studies

Research grants and awards

SPARC Research Grants

  • Agricultural Knowledge Transfer at the Base of the Pyramid: A Sociological Perspective, Scheme for Promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration, 2019-2021
  • The Dynamics of Polarization and Formation of Echo Chambers: Insights on Cultural Products in India and Australia, Scheme for Promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration, 2019-2021
  • Who Bridges Across Social Divides?, Scheme for Promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration, 2019-2021

Research Grants

  • Social Outcomes of Social Enterprise: A Social Capital Framework, Research Grant Council Hong Kong, 2011-2014 
  • How to measure Social impact of Social enterprises, The International Development Research Centre, Canada, 2013-2014

Other Research Grants 

IE Business School Research Grant, Spain, 2015 -2017

Norman Paterson School of International Affair Scholarship, Canada, 2011

Carleton University scholarship, Canada, 2011

University of Western Ontario Graduate Research Scholarship, Canada, 2006

Research engagement and outreach

Co-Guest Editor for Special Issue on Social Media-Induced Polarization to be published by Information Systems Journal (ISJ) (a top management Journal, ABDC A*)

Co-Editor for a book on Causes and Symptoms of Socio-Cultural Polarisation to be published by Springer

Co-Editor for a book on Sharing Economy: Opportunities and Challenges to be published by Springer


MGMT 3016 Business Ethics

MGMT2008 Social Enterprise and Social Business