Dr David Cheng

David Cheng


Research School of Management

Senior Lecturer
Phone number
+61 2 612 55013
Room 1046, PAP Moran Bld (26B)
Research areas

Business; Business administration; Management.



David Cheng is a Senior Lecturer in Management. His research interests span areas including leadership, emotions and their effects on performance, work-life balance and well-being. David’s research on HR systems and cybersecurity was funded by the Australian Department of Defence. His work has appeared in top-ranked journals including Journal of Vocational Behavior, Journal of Business and PsychologyJournal of Management in EngineeringJournal of Research in Personality, and Journal of Construction and Engineering Management. David’s research has also won multiple awards from the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management, and featured in media outlets including the ABC, Australian Financial Review, Business Insider and Men's Health.

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Research publications

  • Amarnani, R., Restubog, S., Shao, R., Cheng, D., Bordia, P. (In press), A Self-Verification Perspective on Customer Mistreatment and Customer-Directed Organizational Citizenship Behavior Journal of Organizational Behavior (ABDC Ranking: A* Impact Factor = 8.170)
  • Cheng, D., Chan, X., Amarnani, R., Farivar, F. (2021) Finding humor in work-life conflict: Distinguishing the effects of individual and co-worker humor. Journal of Vocational Behavior (ABDC Ranking: A* Impact Factor = 4.075) 
  • Cheng, D. (2021) Self-deprecating humor and task persistence: The moderating role of self-defeating humor style Humor: International Journal of Humor Studies (#1 Journal in Humour studies) 
  • Chan, X. W., Kalliath, T., & Cheng, D. (2021) When the boss is blue: Examining the effects of supervisors’ negative emotions on subordinates’ cognitive work engagement and family undermining Personnel Review (ABDC Ranking: A, Impact Factor = 1.710)
  • Cheng, D., Amarnani, R., Le, T., Restubog, S. L. D. (2019). Laughter is (Powerful) Medicine: The Effects of Humor Exposure on the Well-Being of Victims of Aggression. Journal of Business and Psychology (ABDC Ranking: A, Impact Factor = 2.694)
  • Chih,Y.Y, Kiazad, K., Cheng, D., Ehsan, E., Restubog. S., (2018). Are happy workers more productive? The role of leader-member exchange quality in predicting construction worker performance. Journal of Construction and Engineering Management (ABDC Ranking A* Impact Factor = 1.735) 
  • Chih. Y.Y , Kiazad. K., Cheng. D., Lajom. J., Restubog. S., (2017). 'Feeling positive and productive: The role of supervisor-worker relationship in predicting construction workers' performance in the Philippines.' ASCE Journal of Construction Engineering and Management. (ABDC journal ranking: A*; Impact Factor=1.735)
  • Chan-Serafin. S, Minbashian. A, Teo. L, Cheng. D., Wang. L. (2017) 'The perils of dating your boss: The role of hierarchical workplace romance and sex on evaluators' career advancement decisions for lower status romance participants', Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, Vol 34, pp. 309-333. (ERA Ranking = B, Impact Factor=1.826) 
  • Chih, Y.Y., Kiazad, K., Cheng, D., Capezio, A., Restubog, S.L.D (2016). “Does organizational fairness matter? Implications for construction workers’ organizational commitment.” ASCE Journal of Management in Engineering (ERA journal ranking: A*; Impact Factor=2.011)
  • Cheng, D., & Wang, L., 2015, 'Examining the energizing effects of humor: The influence of humor on persistence behavior', Journal of Business and Psychology, vol. 30, pp. 759-772. (ABDC Ranking: A, Impact Factor = 2.694)
  • Shao, B., Wang, L., Cheng, D., & Doucet, L. 2015. Anger suppression in negotiations: The roles of attentional focus and anger source. Journal of Business and Psychology. vol 30, pp. 747-758 (ABDC Ranking: A, Impact Factor = 2.694)
  • Restubog, S. L. D., Garcia, P. R. J. M, Wang, L., & Cheng, D. (2010) It’s all about control: The role of self-control in buffering the effects of negative reciprocity beliefs and trait anger on workplace deviance. Journal of Research in Personality, vol 44, pp. 655-660 (ABDC Ranking: A, Impact Factor = 2.011)

Research grants and awards

External Research Funding

2021 Australian Department of Defence (Primary Investigator)

2019 Australian Department of Defence (Primary Investigator - HR systems for a Cyber security workforce)


2017 Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management Best OB Paper Award

2013 Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management Best OB Paper Award

Research engagement and outreach

Course Convenor Honours Program

Course Convenor Advanced Masters Program


David is currently accepting Honours, MPhil or PhD students.

David is also a passionate management educator teaching who has taught at undergraduate, postgraduate and executive levels. He has also won a number of awards for teaching excellence and course management including the ANU Vice Chancellor's Excellence In Teaching award, CBE Commendation for outstanding teaching, CBE Stellar Team award, UNSW awards for course management and tutoring as well as the ANZAM Promoting Excellence in Teaching and Learning Award

Current Teaching:

MGMT2006 - Personal Leadership

MGMT2100 - Communication for Business

MGMT7153 - Building your Leadership Capacity