Professor Shirley Gregor

Shirley Gregor


Research School of Management

Professor Emerita
Research areas
  • Philosophy of science and technology
  • Intelligent systems
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Theoretical foundations of information systems

Shirley Gregor is a Professor Emerita at the Australian National University. Her research interests include artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction and the philosophy of science and technology.

Professor Gregor spent a number of years in the computing industry in Australia and the United Kingdom before beginning an academic career. She obtained her Ph.D. in Information Systems from the University of Queensland in 1996. Her research has appeared in outlets including MIS Quarterly, Journal of Management Information Systems, Journal of the Association of Information Systems, Information Systems Research, International Journal of Electronic Commerce, European Journal of Information Systems and Information Technology & People. She has led several large applied research projects funded by the Meat Research Corporation, the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, the Australian Research Council and AusAID.

Professor Gregor was inaugural President of the Australasian Association of Information Systems 2002-2003 and Region 3 (Asia/Pacific) Councillor for the Association of Information Systems 2007-2009. She was a Senior Editor for MIS Quarterly 2008-2010 and was Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of the Association of Information Systems from September, 2010 to September, 2013.

Professor Gregor was made an Officer of the Order of Australia in the Queen’s Birthday Honour’s list in June 2005. Also in 2005 she was elected as a Fellow of the Australian Computer Society. In 2010 she was made a Fellow of the Association for Information Systems, the peak global body for the discipline. In 2014 she was awarded a Schöller Senior Fellowship at the Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-Nurenberg. She was given a DESRIST Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017 for contributions to design science research in information systems and technology.

She has been named in a Stanford University study as being in the top 2% of scientists worldwide for her career and also for 2020 (Baas, Boyack & Ioannidis 2021).



Research publications

Shirley Gregor - Journal Publications


Haj-Bolouri, A., Conboy, K., and Gregor, S. (2023, forthcoming). An Encompassing Framework for Conceptualizing Space in Information Systems: Philosophical Perspectives, Themes, and Concepts. Journal of the Association for Information Systems. DOI:10.17705/1jais.00830. URL:

Ramakrishnan, M., Gregor, S., Shrestha, A. and Soar, J. (2023, forthcoming). Design Principles for Platform Enabled Knowledge Commons with an Expository Instantiation. Journal of the Association for Information Systems.
DOI: 10.17705/1jais.00824. URL:


Sun, R., & Gregor, S. (2023). Reconceptualizing platforms in information systems research through the lens of service-dominant logic. The Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 32(3), 101791. URL:

Gregor, S., Gunawardena, M., Imran, A., Okai-Ugbaje, S., Page Jeffery, C.  and Wilson, R. (2023). Indigenous knowledge-sharing interventions in Australia and the use of information and communication technology: A scoping review. Australasian Journal of Information Systems. URL:

Rinta-Kahili, T., Someh, I., Gillespie, N., Indulska, M. and Gregor, S. (2023, online). Managing unintended consequences of algorithmic decision-making: The case of Robodebt. Journal of Information Technology Teaching Cases, 0(0) 1–7.  URL:

Gregor, S. (2023). A Design Research Journey. Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 52(1), 15. URL:


Ramakrishnan, M., Gregor, S., Shrestha, A. and Soar, J. (2022). Achieving Industry-aligned Education through Digital Commons: A Case Study. Journal of Computer Information Systems, 63(4), 950-964. URL:

Rinta-Kahila, T., Someh, I., Gillespie, N., Indulska, M. and Gregor, S. (2022). Algorithmic Decision-Making and System Destructiveness: A Case of Automatic Debt Recovery, European Journal of Information Systems, 31(3), 313-338. URL:

[Awards: 2023 Stafford Beer Medal from the Operational Research Society: 2023 Association for Information Systems Senior Scholar Best IS Publication Award]

Hevner, A., and Gregor, S. (2022). Envisioning Entrepreneurship and Digital Innovation through a Design Science Research Lens: A Matrix Approach. Information & Management, 59, 3, 103350. URL:


Ngo, N., Gregor, S., Beavan, G. and Riley, B. (2021). The Role of Bystanders in the Prevention of Railway Suicides in New South Wales, Australia. Crisis The Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention.  URL:

Lee, J-K., Park, J., Gregor, S., and Yoon, V. (2021). Axiomatic Theories and Improving the Relevance of Information Systems Research. Information Systems Research. URL:

Sun, R., Gregor, S., & Fielt, E. (2021). Generativity and the paradox of stability and flexibility in a platform architecture: A case of the Oracle Cloud Platform. Information & Management, 58(8), 103548. URL:

Other Selected Papers

Riaz, A., Gregor, S. and Lin, A. (2018). Biophilia and Biophobia in Website Design: Improving Internet Information Dissemination. Information & Management, 55, 2, 199-214.

Gregor, S., Imran, A., Turner, T. (2014). A ‘Sweet Spot” Intervention in a Least Developed Country: Leveraging eGovernment Outcomes in Bangladesh, European Journal of Information Systems, 23, 6, 655-671.

Gregor, S., Lin, A., Gedeon, T., Riaz, A., and Zhu, D. (Spring 2014). Neuroscience and a Nomological Network for Understanding Emotions in Information Systems Research, Journal of Management Information Systems, 30, 4, 13-47.

Gregor, S. and Hevner, A. (2013). Positioning and Presenting Design Science Research for Maximum Impact, MIS Quarterly, 37, 2, 337-356.

Gregor, S. and Jones, D. (2007). The Anatomy of a Design Theory, Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 8(5), 312-335.

Gregor, S., Hart, D., and Martin, N. (2007). Enterprise Architectures: Enablers of Business Strategy and IS/IT Alignment in Government. Information Technology & People, 20, 2, 96-120.

Gregor, S., Martin, M. Fernandez, W., Stern, S., Vitale, M. (2006). The transformational dimension in the realization of business value from information technology, Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 15(3), 249-270.

Lynch, T. and Gregor, S. (2004). User Participation in Decision Support Systems Development: Influencing System Outcomes, European Journal of Information Systems, 13(4), 286-301.

Gregor, S. (2006). The Nature of Theory in Information Systems, MIS Quarterly, 30(3), 611-642.

Gregor, S. and Benbasat, I. (1999) Explanations from Intelligent Systems: Theoretical Foundations and Implications for Practice, MIS Quarterly, 23(4), 497-530.

Other Publications:

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Research engagement and outreach

Editorial Boards:

Editor-in-Chief, Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 2010-2013

Senior Editor, Management Information Systems Quarterly, 2008-2010

Associate Editor, Management Information Systems Quarterly, 2006-2007

Senior Editor, Pacific Asia Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 2007-.

Guest Editor, Special Issue on Design Science, Journal of Information Systems and e-Business Management, 2009 (with Alan Hevner).

Professional Responsibilities:

2002-2003       President, Australasian Association of Information Systems

2005- 2010      Member of Steering Committee, ARC EII Network

2002-to date    Executive Committee Member, Australian Council of Professors and Heads of Information Systems

2007-2008       Director, Professional Standards Board of the Australian Computer Society.

2007-2009       Region 3 Representative (Asia-Pacific) on the Council of the Association of Information Systems.

2011- 2013   Chair, University Information Strategy Committee, ANU