Research Seminar Series: Prof. Ralf Müller

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Speaker: Prof. Ralf Müller, BI Norwegian Business School
Title: From Multi-level to Metagovernance of Inter-organisational Networks for Projects: The role of polycentricity
Date: Thu, 4th May 2023 
Time: 4:00pm – 6:00pm
Venue: Online (Zoom link TBC)

Prof. Ofer Zwikael is the host of this visit



The governance of inter-organisational networks for projects has recently been explained through a three-layered governance framework. At its lowest level is the network for a single project, which is explained through Multi-level Governance Theory. This layer is steered by a middle layer for the governance of networks, addressing the steering of the different networks these organizations are part of. The top layer constitutes metagovernance, where governments or investors set the ground rules for the networks emerging at the lower levels. This architecture portrays network governance as a polycentric system with multiple centers for decision-making, which can be formally independent but need to act in ways that take account of others.

The presentation starts by addressing the three-layered model, its constituting variables, the interaction among layers and variables, and underlying theories. Subsequently, the multiplicity of governance centers in this architecture is discussed, and examples from UK megaprojects are shown to explain how polycentric governance is implemented in practice. 


Prof. Dr. Ralf Müller, is Professor of Project Management at BI Norwegian Business School and Editor-in-Chief of the Project Management Journal®. He lectures and researches in leadership, governance, and organizational project management. His research appeared in more than 300 academic publications and was acknowledged by PMI, IPMA, Emerald, and others with more than 20 awards, including several lifetime achievement awards. The Stanford University list of top global scientists ranks him among the Top 2% of the most influential researchers. Prior to his academic career, he spent 30 years in the industry, including a time as Worldwide Director of Project Management at NCR Corporation. 

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