RSM Seminar Series – Dr Erica Coslor

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Title: World on a Calendar

Speaker: Dr. Erica Coslor

Date: Thursday, 29th September 2022

Time: 1:00 – 2:30 pm

Venue: Building 24, Copland, Seminar Room 1106


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Password: 094483

Dr. Anna Hartman is the host of this visit.



This paper examines how we might work with time using a key social-symbolic object: the calendar. From the seasons of farming to our annual academic conferences, an event-based calendar structures the rhythm of many market and non-market domains. Therein, key events align behaviors, aspirations and plans, easily seen in the annual impacts of the World Economic Forum for investors, firms and governments. Attention to calendars can help to show the integration of different levels of social-symbolic work, enabling insight into the connections across levels—e.g., individual to field—and the interplay of discursive, material and relational dimensions. We argue that calendars not only structure our lives but also become an object for social-symbolic work as a type of temporal boundary object. We also note the specificity of a calendar as a structuring object, often elided under theories of time and temporality, as opposed to the clock, with promising implications for future research. This focus adds to the social-symbolic work tradition, with wider theoretical and methodological benefits for management researchers.



Dr. Erica Coslor is a Senior Lecturer in Management at the University of Melbourne, Australia. With a PhD in economic sociology from the University of Chicago, her research examines valuation methods, objects and new market creation, including the role of the epistemic knowledge community around art as a financial investment (Coslor & Spaenjers, 2016), valuation methods for artwork (Coslor, 2016) and social construction of audiences through gatekeeping (Coslor et al. 2020). Dr. Coslor is also interested in market creation and innovation (e.g. Kertcher et al. 2020).

She has had research published across management, accounting, and marketing journals and is currently one of the book and media review editors at Organization Studies and would love to hear your ideas for submissions. Previous work includes, “Collectors, investors and speculators: Gatekeeper use of audience categories in the art market.” Organization Studies; “Pleasingly Parallel: Early Cross-Disciplinary Work for Innovation Diffusion Across Boundaries in Grid Computing.” Journal of Business Research and “Transparency in an Opaque Market: Evaluative Frictions between ‘Thick’ Valuation and ‘Thin’ Price Data in the Art Market" at Accounting, Organizations and Society. She has the pleasure of supervising both marketing and management students.

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