Barbara Griffin

Associate Professor Barbara Griffin is Director of the Organisational Psychology program at Macquarie University.

Her research focuses on the adaptive processes that older workers undertake during the later career phase and when transitioning into retirement.

Showcase project

Effects of Perceived Age Discrimination: This study explores the long-term effects of perceived age discrimination on the job satisfaction and work withdrawal of older employees.  

Ongoing research projects

  1. ARC-funded Discovery Grant (with Professor Mo Wang, Florida University) 'A mental model of remaining lifetime: motivating late-career adjustment and productivity'. This 4-wave longitudinal study is investigating how one’s view of the future impacts current adaptive and proactive behavior in the domains of work, retirement planning and health.
  2. 'Impact of age diversity in teams' is a project that aims to assess the impact of age diversity and age discrimination on older workers.  
  3. Barbara is also involved in projects on incivility in the workplace and medical student selection.

Publications pertaining to work and ageing

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