Our history

Our experience with business studies started in 1930


Since opening its class rooms in 1930, the Canberra University College (CUC) offered a range of undergraduate courses in business studies. These counted towards the Bachelor of Commerce degree of the University of Melbourne.

The course subjects at CUC’s Faculty of Economics diversified to include for example accounting and auditing, commercial law, taxation, economic history, public finance and industrial organisation. Reflecting this, the Faculty of Economics became the Faculty of Economics and Commerce in 1944.

In 1960, CUC merged into the ANU, which itself had been established in 1946. All commerce courses counted towards the ANU’s Bachelor of Economics degree.


Growing student interest in commerce courses led to the establishment of the Department of Commerce and the Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1984.

Further growth of student enrolments led to diversification of undergraduate course offerings. By 2000, the Department of Commerce offered undergraduate courses management, information systems, marketing and international business.

Student interest in Business Studies grew to the extent that with the restructuring of the Faculty in 2000, the Department of Commerce became the School of Business Information Management (BIM).

In the meantime, the National Graduate School of Management had been established in 1994 to offer the ANU’s MBA and Master of Management degrees.


BIM experienced rapid growth in undergraduate enrolments, especially increasing student demand for business courses beyond accounting.

At the same time BIM offered new graduate coursework degrees and courses. These increased the synergies between BIM and NGSM. Both developments led to new restructure and the merger of most of BIM and NGSM in 2006.


The 2006 merger created the School of Management, Marketing and International Business (MMIB).

Further expansion of both undergraduate and graduate enrolments, as well as consolidation of the courses offerings across the School’s three constituent disciplines, and greater acknowledgement of research achievements, led to MMIB’s re-branding as Research School of Management (RSM) in 2012