Extension application procedure

The purpose of the extension request is to assist judgement of whether the reason a student was not able to complete an assessment task by the due date was due to exceptional circumstances beyond a student’s control. Exceptional circumstances that may warrant approval of an Assessment Extension include, but are not limited to:

  1. medical reasons (student injury, illness or medical condition) of such significance that completion of the assessment task was not possible;
  2. family/personal reasons (family injury or illness, bereavement) of such significance that completion of the assessment task was not possible;
  3. employment related reasons: where a student's employment status or employment arrangements change unexpectedly due to circumstances beyond their control of such significance that completion of the assessment task was not possible.

(Source: https://policies.anu.edu.au/ppl/document/ANUP_004604)

Please be aware that Special Consideration is the process by which an examiner takes extenuating circumstances into consideration during the marking of an assessment item that is already submitted. If you require special consideration for the marking of an assessment item, do not submit an extension form. Applications for Special Consideration are submitted via an eForm on ISIS.

Students who are unable to sit an examination owing to extenuating circumstances should see deferred examinations, and if appropriate, submit an eForm on ISIS.

Students who are suffering long-term illness or difficulties should contact Access & Inclusion.

How to apply

Applications are completed using the CBE Assessment Extension Request Form (updated 28th February 2023).

The completed extension request form needs to be submitted before the assessment deadline.

Applications should be accompanied by independent supporting documentation.

Supporting Documentation

Supporting documentation from any relevant independent person (or authority) must be scanned and included with the application, for example:

  • documents/certificates from health professionals (a medical certificate is only valid if it attests to your illness at the time claimed)
  • Education Access Plan from ANU Access & Inclusion
  • letters of support from an ANU Disability Adviser
  • letters of support from an ANU staff member
  • a police report
  • a death certificate.

Requests for extensions will not be considered if the application does not include copies of all relevant supporting documentation. Documentation lodged elsewhere on campus for other purposes will not be considered as part of an application for an extension.

We do not require certified copies of documents to be provided during the initial application process. However, the University reserves the right to require applicants to provide original documentation subsequently. Any document submitted may be audited and is subject to verification from the issuing body.

Documentation must be in English.  Where the original documentation is not in English, an official translation must be provided.  Students should attach copies of the original documentation and the English translation of these documents.

The granting of a request for an extension is not guaranteed and is at the discretion of the Research School of Management Deputy Director (Education)