PhD Programs

The Research School of Management (RSM) has a PhD program across several management and business disciplines to qualify research candidates keen on investigating and developing new knowledge through substantial specialised research as a contribution to scholarship and business and management practice. RSM has internationally recognised researchers who can supervise doctoral candidates on a diverse range of topics across various disciplines. To complete the PhD program, candidates are required to take four compulsory and two elective courses, be successful in the thesis proposal review process, and write a substantial and high quality thesis is passed by external examiners. 

The Program Learning Outcomes for RSM’s PhD pertinent across its various disciplines are:

  1. Explain their philosophical approach and its incorporation into a significant research journey and the building of their doctoral identity.

  2. Problematise a complex social phenomenon within or across the domains of business and management studies that merits targeted study and research skills to advance scholarship and professional practice.

  3. Identify relevant databases to systematically retrieve applicable and appropriate literature to address research problems and ensuing questions.

  4. Critically and systematically review and discuss the extant body of complex knowledge within a domain to demonstrate the expertise and skills required for scholarly inquiry.

  5. Devise an effective research design, including a justification of the methodology(ies)  developed, adapted and implemented for the scholarly study of the topic of interest.

  6. Actively prioritise the conduct of responsible and ethical research within an environment that promotes scholarship and collegiality

  7. Develop insights into the discipline through expert and specialised analytical, research and technical skills as applied to the research data collected.

  8. Determine the contributions and implications of the research for the advancement of theoretical knowledge and practice.

  9. Propose future directions of research in the discipline based on original insights and  knowledge gained through a critical discussion of the findings of the research.

  10. Produce a manuscript in the form of a monograph or collection of scholarly articles to effectively communicate, disseminate and promote new insights within the academic community and society at large. 

RSM staff have diverse research interests and can provide supervision across a range of topics in disciplines such as:

  • Business Information Systems
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human Resource Management
  • Innovation
  • International Business
  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Tourism
  • Indigenous studies

Our school’s research capabilities have been rated as “well above world standard” by Excellence in Research Australia (ERA). Our academic staff and former students have published their papers in such top journals as: Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Human Relations, Human Resource Management, Information Systems Research, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Management, Journal of Management Information Systems, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Operations Management, Marketing Science, MIS Quarterly, Organization Science, Organization Studies, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, and Production and Operations Management.  

Many of our research students have received recognition for outstanding PhD research (e.g., 3MT People’s Choice Award, Best PhD Proposal Award on Corporate Social Responsibility, ISBM Doctoral Support Award Competition Winner), best paper awards (e.g., Academy of Management, Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management, Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy, and Australian Industrial/Organizational Psychology Conferences etc.), and published their papers in top journal publications.


PhD ProgramManagements in Research School of Management

The Research School of Management (RSM) has internationally recognised researchers who can supervise doctoral candidates on a diverse range of topics.

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Current RSM PhD Students


Title of Thesis or Research Area

Chair of Panel

Ravini Abhayarathne Entrepreneurial resilience and rural entrepreneurship  A/Professor Birgit Muskat

Linh Bui

Effects of Team Processes and Temporal Contingencies on Team Innovation

A/ Professor Guihyun Park

Richard Cawsey Turning organisational purpose into sustained organisational performance A/Professor Anton Kriz 
Michelle Dawe (Gunton)   Professor Ofer Zwikael
Puja Dhawan   A/ Professor Patrick J.N. L'Espoir Decosta
Shima Farazmehr Locating and deploying essential goods and equipment; An AI-enabled approach for emergency response in disasters Dr Gary Buttriss
Yuanyuan Liu The Societal Impact of Digital Technology Dr Babita Bhatt
Elham Merikhi Risk-Return Trade-off in Project Appraisal and Selection Professor Ofer Zwikael
Benjamin Mitchell   A/Professor Anton Kriz
David Nawiene   Professor Israr Qureshi
Irina Orbes Cervantes   Professor Lin Cui
Camilo Potocnjak Oxman The Role of Design Thinking in the Emergence of Entrepreneurial Opportunities A/ Professor Patrick J.N. L'Espoir Decosta
Xiangru Qin Green innovation implementation A/Birgit Muskat
Christopher Seyrl   A/ Professor Patrick J.N. L'Espoir Decosta
Penny Grewal-Sidhu   Dr Gary Buttriss
Ann Smith   Professor Ofer Zwikael
Imogen Sykes-Bridge Older workers' idiosyncratic deals: Investigating motivations and processes of flexibility negotiations for career longevity. Professor Prashant Bordia
Kafil Uddin Social Entrepreneurship Professor Israr Qureshi
Olga Vasilyeva Big Data and Data Analytics: Developing Capability For Successful Implementation A/Prof Alex Richardson
I-Ning Wang   A/Prof Nick Wang
Julian Widdup Board led innovation A/Professor Anton Kriz
Haiyang Xia Destination Competitiveness: An analysis using AI methods A/Professor Birgit Muskat
Ning (Neil) Xiao Leadership and Creativity Professor Giles Hirst
Zhejing Xu   A/Professor Birgit Muskat
Peisen Xu Workplace Loneliness Dr David Cheng
Lumeng Yu   Ian Elsum
Mohammad (Zain) Zainuddin Market for the Missing: Essays on Intermediation and Institutions Professor Israr Qureshi
Shuojia Zhang Attitudes towards Multinational Corporations  Professor Sarbari Bordia
Zhiwen (Zoey) Zheng Inclusive Stakeholder Engagement for Enhancing Project Success Professor Ofer Zwikael
Ganarajah Varendran   Dr Gary Buttriss
Xianrui Zeng Creating value in wine tourism through content marketing A/ Professor Patrick J.N. L'Espoir Decosta and Dr Armando Corsi
Kathryn Brett Flexible Work Arrangements Professor Sarbari Bordia