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If you test positive for COVID-19

Please notify us using the form here and inform your tutor and course convenor too.

For Urgent Help

For Help

When you need help

If in doubt contact the course coordinator (see Course Summary for contact information).

However, in order for any help that amends the requirements in the course outline one of the following is required to be submitted:

  • Special Consideration: For one off or short term issues that has affected a specific assessment item, limited number of allowances can be made. Can be submitted up to 72 hours after an assignment is due.
  • Application for Extension: Specific request to hand in an assignment late without penalty. Must be submitted BEFORE and assignment is due.
  • ANU Access and Inclusion: For long term or ongoing issues that may affect your academic performance. 
    • Contact this service ASAP to develop a plan that will then be distributed to all of your courses. 
    • If you have an EAP plan email the course coordinator (attach the plan), to ensure that the coordinator has received a copy. 
    • Requests to amend the requirements for the course must be made BEFORE an assessment is due. 
    • If your issue affects your ability to complete an assessment task successfully then you can submit a Special Consideration application with the AEP as a source of evidence AFTER the due date.

Last modified: Monday, 21 February 2022, 2:42 PM